Making your Escort Advertising Work for You

Making your Escort Advertising Work for You

A recent article written by a Shanghai-based escort, Mimi Tram, spurred by necessity, were centered around ideas which stemmed from myself – owner of Escorts of Singapore. This article, titled Escort Advertising 101, detailed some of the features of the escort advertising offered on Escorts of Singapore. While beneficial to escorts advertising on EOS, I felt a compelling need to further elaborate on the basics of advertising in the escort industry.

Since the launch of my Singapore Escorts Directory late June last year, it took me three months to attain a page 1 Google ranking for the search phrase “Singapore Escorts“. This was not through sheer luck, chance or just by being at the right place at the right time. It was through sheer hard work, determination, perseverance, research and hard work. Amidst my attempts to bring success to a directory of its only kind in Singapore, I was often taken aback by comments and questions from escorts who complained that their advertising on EOS was not working for them or not bringing in any work.

This, as you can imagine, baffled me. How could a directory that was ranking as well as EOS was on Google, a directory that was very actively being promoted on social media, not bring in enough work for some escorts? Over time, something became apparent – something that was not visible to the naked eye – something that only an escort directory owner would be privy to – and that was advertising on Escorts of Singapore was working for some escorts and not for others.


The Question as to Why Arises

Why did certain escorts benefit from escort advertising on Escorts of Singapore and not others? Taking into account several factors, feedback from escorts who advertise on EOS and information from profile stats, visits and the amount of engagement from escorts, certain elements of consideration became apparent. It became obvious that there were several factors that contributed to the success of some escorts and not others. These factors are as follows.


Escort Photography

The first thing a client sees and the most important selling point for any escort profile is escort photography. Men are visual beings. Therefore, a portfolio of professional escort photos were paramount to generate immediate interest in a profile. Based on existing escort profiles on EOS, escorts with professional high quality escort images get the most hits bar none. While a huge initial financial outlay is required, investing in a professional escort photo shoot is just that – an investment – one that pays dividends.


Professional Presentation

Presentation of a profile outside the realm of photography includes several components:

1. Your description. A professional, well-worded description cannot be overlooked. While the majority of men are visual beings, there are a handful who will read your escort bio in detail in the hopes of finding a companion who matches their needs and wants, who matches their personality and with whom they can form a connection.

I have come across comments and tweets on social media from escorts who have laughed off what they refer to as descriptions that read like “essays”. It is obvious that such comments arise from a lack of knowledge about SEO and escort marketing. From an SEO standpoint, every escort should aim to pen a decent description to gain any rankings for his or her profile on a search engine. Higher search engine rankings means more clicks on your profile which turns into more interest and more bookings.

2. Your demeanour. As patrons get more sophisticated in their search for a perfect escort (who can blame them – they are investing huge amounts of money for a decent encounter), their horizons widen to social media. Twitter is a well-known space for escort marketing. It is where clients can get a sense of your personality, character, aptitude, integrity and decency. It is where you “sell” yourself. How you conduct yourself on social media, whether you bitch about your competitors, the types of conversations you hold, the images you post, etc. can make or break your escort business. Maintaining a professional appearance is omnipotent. Punters see more than you would like to believe.


Being Everywhere

Let’s say you’ve paid good money to advertise on a website. Working on your escort business, just like any business, does not stop at just placing an ad. The whole reason social media exists and is widely used by escorts is for reasons of self-promotion. The same should apply to your advertising. Why is it that some escorts do so well on certain sites and other don’t – it boils down to “being everywhere”.

Use every marketing tool, available at your disposal for the money you have paid. Get on every page a client could land on. On Escorts of Singapore, and posting tools, for example, are offered. These appear on separate pages of the EOS website and they are also linked to from your escort profile. Should a potential patron land on an or s page, whose profile do you think they would be taken to? Of course the ones who have written a Communique or a Memoire. It is obvious to me that the ones who do well on Escorts of Singapore are escorts who have their faces planted on every page possible on the website. They are “everywhere”.

Once again, I have read posts and tweets by some escorts who refuse to “contribute material” to directories – those who are against the writing of posts for directories – because they feel they shouldn’t have to “promote” a directory. This is a similar analogy to biting one’s nose to spite its face. Such a point of view is not only incredulous but also highly absurd, in particular if the directory was already ranking well without their posts. Writing personal posts puts you, the escort, in the face of potential clients. Writing posts increases back-links to your profile gaining your profile higher search engine rankings.

It serves to benefit no one but yourself.

In any case, let’s just say that it does promote a directory (especially one that isn’t already ranking well). How is the promotion of a directory that you pay good money to advertise on a bad thing? How is it a bad thing that the directory you advertise on gains search engine rankings with your posts? Does this not serve your purpose of paying for advertising on a directory that gets in the faces of potential clients in the first place? These are thoughts that a successful escort would and should question.


Get Verified

Attaining the highest possible verification level is omnipotent especially on a website like Escorts of Singapore where your verification level is displayed with your name. As a directory owner, the profile stats and number of hits for profiles that are 5 Star verified far outnumber those that aren’t. I cannot stress enough that the higher your verification level, the more credibility your profile will have and the more interest your profile will generate.

Escorts of Singapore’s verification process is very well trusted by its readers and patrons. A profile with five black stars immediately jumps out at a client because it signifies that the owner and/or staff of EOS have verified your profile by an online video meeting – it is the first and only verification process of its kind in the world.


Pay for Featured Advertising

If your wallet allows it, pay for the highest available advertising package you can afford. On EOS, the Featured Slider package is worth its weight in gold because it entitles you to a position on the homepage and at the top of most pages in a Featured Banner. You’re also placed on the ‘404 Not Found’ page when someone hits a wrong page. This again puts your profile in front of more faces, especially on the homepage which gets the most hits of any other page on Escorts of Singapore.


Promote your Escort Profile on Escorts of Singapore

Once again, I can hear the same ones who ark up about “contributing material” to an escort directory ark up about promoting their directory profile because then they are simply promoting the directory. In my opinion, the only escorts who are worried about this are those with an ulterior motive – those who are in direct competition with escort directories. My views around this hold true – how could you be promoting a directory that is already ranking well in search engine searches. It is stupendous not to promote your escort profile which is advertised on a directory, especially on social media. Take every opportunity you can to sell yourself everywhere you can.

In summary, my findings on why some escorts do better than others is because:

1. They present professionally both in their demeanour and their descriptions.
2. They have excellent photos and a well developed and well rounded portfolio of images.
3. They are verified at a 5 star level.
4. They have paid for the top escort advertising package.
5. They are very involved in their escort business, post regular updates, and .
6. They promote their profiles on EOS on social media and anywhere else they can.

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